Who is this course for?

Anyone dreaming to start a business

What you will do (or During the course you):

  • Identify your business niche and your business place in the market
  • Create a platform for selling selected products and services
  • Start working on creating your own brand
  • Learn how to generate content that sells
  • Get your first income

Anyone having an offline business

What you will do (or During the course you):

  • Launch a sales channel through Instagram
  • Develop and implement a promotion strategy for your products or services through Instagram
  • Get new customers
  • Learn how to take orders online
  • Increase your sales volume

Anyone promoting an online business

What you will do (or During the course you):

  • Get effective tools to help you boost your sales
  • Recognize and fix your problem areas
  • Learn how to make content that sells
  • Turn your followers into buyers
  • Make your advertising more effective

Any Social Media Manager (SMM)

What you will do (or During the course you):

  • Learn the hacks about non-standard approaches to product promotion
  • Learn how to turn an ordinary business into a brand
  • Learn how to develop a brand promotion strategy on Instagram
  • Learn the nuances of creating content that sells
  • Start earning more


  • We choose a product.
  • We define the product’s value and its uniqueness
  • We analyse the market and strengthen the purchase offer
  • We create a buyer persona (or an ICP)
  • We set the objectives and get started
  • We define core brand values
  • We identify a brand personality
  • We create a brand identity
  • We write a brand story
  • We revive a brand
  • We assess sales readiness
  • We learn how to create “sexy” content
  • We bring a customer out of trance
  • We create content that drives sells
  • We implement different content formats
  • We create trending video content
  • We use Instagram Reels to grow your Instagram account
  • We get the followers addicted to Instagram stories
  • We write posts that sell
  • We write brand bio on Instagram
  • We develop taste and train attention
  • We create a media plan
  • We produce video content in a minimum of time and money
  • We scale up business with a help of the target
  • We introduce hacks to reach target audience
  • We learn how to use Instagram Ads Manager
  • We catch up with customers who took a look but didn’t buy
  • We create “sexy” creatives
  • Workshop ” Target in an adult way”
  • How to edit ads to earn more
  • How to understand that target works?
  • We pump up giveaways for our Instagram followers
  • We research the blogger market for cooperation
  • We develop a blogger outreach strategy
  • We analyse free and low-budget ways of promotion,
  • We take part in giveaways
  • We analyse the principles of communication with followers
  • We engage with followers.
  • We build a conversation that sells
  • We learn ways how to deal with negativity
  • We count tasks and their cost
  • We decide what to delegate and what to pay
  • We develop the structure of the SMM department
  • We build a strong and efficient team


Choose your Business Program

Business Independent

  • 10 practical steps:

  • 1. Find a core brand idea
  • 2. Build brand muscles
  • 3. Create an appealing brand
  • 4. "Sexy-content" strategy
  • 5. Create brand image
  • 6. Target audience effectively
  • 7. Increase sales and save money
  • 8. Grow your Instagram
  • 9. Follow up with Customers. Sell.
  • 10. Organise your SMM team for success

  • 39 video tutorials
  • Workshop on working on visuals with an expert
  • 2 workshops on launching a target with an experienced targetologist
  • Live broadcasts with Yevheniia
  • Online question and answer sessions
  • Stream with analysis of the implementation of your steps in the course
  • Bonus checklists, tables, forms to work on the information received
  • Independent completion of homework
  • Access to materials after completion of the course - 6 months
  • 2 masterminds on how to analyze your business account


If only someone had shared the following tools with me at the start of my business...

All my 12 years of business promotion experience are in one course!

I am Yevheniia Lukash.

I started my own business from home with only £200 and a strong desire to make a change. I founded Evgakids and Lookasi, clothing brands for kids. By 2021, I grew my business organically without any investment to almost 66 000 orders a year. Today I am ready to generously share my experience of brand promotion with you through social networks.

Ukrainian/ British businesses should flourish!


Frequently Asked Questions

Video tutorials are short instructional videos lasting 15-30 minutes.

The aim of each lesson is to give clear practical recommendations which you can immediately apply in practice in your business.

Depends on the business program you choose – 4 or 6 months.

Plan to spend up to 2 hours on the tasks every day. The course is very intense and very practical. 

Every day we will not just do homework, but work on your business. Take a step forward every day!

Can't decide on the business program? Still have questions?